Project SAND
A new cloud platform redefining
serverless computing

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Fast Serverless

Project SAND, a new serverless computing platform developed by Nokia Bell Labs, offers all the benefits of serverless without any of the slowness. It combines container-based resource isolation with a light-weight process-based execution model that significantly improves resource efficiency and decreases the function invocation latencies by two to four orders of magnitude compared with existing solutions.

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High-Performance Function Interactions

Project SAND orchestrates function executions of the same application as local as possible so that functions executing in a sequence can start almost instantly. In addition, for reliability, we deploy a global message bus that serves as a backup of locally produced and consumed messages in case of failures. The same hierarchy is also applied for our storage subsystem in case functions of the same application need to share data.

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Painless Serverless Development

Our powerful SAND web console and SAND SDK help you write and test serverless functions and workflows more effectively. Built-in support for Amazon States Language (ASL) means you can easily import your existing AWS Lambda function code and step function definitions.

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